07.20.17 Nick Reed HR 3: CNN vs. Republicans & Pit Bulls in Springfield

Nick Reed Podcast

  • BOOKS YOU NEED TO READ ASAP: James talks about a couple of books that he is reading that everyone should read sometime. 
  • The Smear by Sharyl Attkisson: Ever wonder how politics turned into a take-no-prisoners blood sport? The New York Times bestselling author pulls back the curtain on the shady world of opposition research and reveals the dirty tricks those in power use to influence your opinions.
  • The Making of the president 2016 by Roger Stone: In the tradition of Theodore White’s landmark books, the definitive look at how Donald J. Trump shocked the world to become president.
  • CNN and Republicans: SHOULD Republicans ever do an interview with CNN? 
  • Will Republicans ever get a fair report from CNN, or will it always be skewed? 
  • James talks about how he walked off on live TV. Why? They tried to shake his opinion and slant the questions. 
  • Senator Ward went on air 2 days ago to talk about politics. The CNN reporter questioned Senator Ward questions that had nothing to do with the reason she was on CNN. 
  • Bringing the BRAIN DEAD back to life: Scientist whose life's work will be used by US company that's ready to start trials to 'reanimate living cadavers.
  • Dr Sergei Paylian became obsessed with studying and reversing the aging process after seeing the funeral of his young, pretty neighbor in Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • Springfield Pitbull dog attack: Two pit bulls attacked three people in the city of Springfield yesterday morning. 
  • A mother and her 2-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter were attacked by two pit bulls that came into their backyard.
  •  the Springfield-Greene County Health Department says it has no plans to have the dogs euthanized, so they will most likely be returned to their owner.
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