07.22.17 The Gun Show: Fight or Flight

The Gun Show Podcast

  • Crime Stats: Stacy covers the shots heard and burglaries in the city of Springfield. Matt urges that there is a problem in the city of Springfield, and wants you to be safe whenever going out. 
  • Dana Loesch: Loesch sponsors a legal plan for the NRA. Does it really work and is it really worth the money? Matt and Dee Wampler cover what they believe legally and ethically with the NRA insurance. 
  • Fight or flight: You are placed in fear of losing life, your brain will kick in and perform physical functions
  • Will cause an adrenaline rush and will cause your heart to speed up which will then cause fight or flight.
  • What do you need to do? How do you handle yourself when you're in that situation? 
  • Human Trafficking in Springfield: The Greene County prosecutor’s office announced nine massage parlor operators face minor charges of operating a massage business without the proper state license.
  • How can this be happening in Springfield? It can happen anywhere.
  • Best CCW home defesne: Matt believes that the 9mm handgun is great for personal defense. It's good with accuracy, reduced size, and easy to carry.
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