07.28 PODCAST: Personal Defense in the Workplace

The Gun Show Podcast

  • Crime Stats: 61 calls for assaults, 46 calls for burglaries, and 21 calls for shots heard. These are just for the city limits of Springfield, and for just one week. 
  • Top 10 Cities: Springfield made another list... This time we are one of the top 10 cities with the most car break-ins. 
  • Plastic guns: 3D printing is the hot topic... Can you make a firearm with these printers? The answer is yes! 
  • CCW: Can you carry a knife without a CCW? Are there certain knives you can/can't carry? 
  • Upcoming event: Why is there an increase in crime in/around Springfield? Hint: Drugs. Why though? Does it have something to do with the highway system?  
  • Active shooters and personal defense in the workplace: run, hide, fight... Is that something you need to focus on? 
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