07.28.17 Nick Reed HR 3: Unmasking American Citizens

Nick Reed Podcast

  • Rally to the cross event: July 28-29 at Hammons field. 
  • What is it? Rally to the cross is an urgent call for all Christians to gather together for prayer. 
  • Murdered on cruise ship: A husband killed his wife on cruise ship because ‘She Would Not Stop Laughing at Me’
  • The murder took place during a murder mystery game, so many on the ship did not believe that the murder was actually real. 
  • Kenneth Manzanares is accused of killing 39-year-old Kristy Manzanares aboard the Emerald Princess ship off the coast of southeast Alaska on Tuesday.
  • Intelligence chairman is accusing Obama is unmasking American citizens: The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is accusing top political aides of President Obama of making requests to unmask the names of Americans in intelligence reports, including Trump transition officials. (The Hill)
  • Why is no other media source covering this story? 
  • Will those guilty ever be prosecuted? 
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