07.30 PODCAST: Dee Wampler

Nick Reed Podcast

Hour 2 - 

Guest: Dee Wampler 

Dee Wampler loves to visit different churches across the Ozarks... Why? Dee says that they're over 100 sermons being preached over the weekend, and he says that each one might be preaching the same thing, but will have a different take on that same story. 

The New York Times - Dee Wampler reads The New York Times every single day. He believes that everything in the news paper is great... Until you get to the editorial page. 

Dallas Cowboys - The Cowboys announced that they will be standing during the National Anthem. None will be hiding in the locker room, no fists in the air, and no kneeling. They believe it's not the time or the place. 

Also: health care crisis and Bernie Sanders. 

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