08.11 PODCAST: Crime in Springfield

The Gun Show Podcast

  • Outstanding Warrants: Dee talks about the outstanding warrants in Greene County. There is over 15,000 warrants in the county. 
  • Crime in Springfield: Springfield has been ranked in several different categories, and it's not good...
  1. Springfield ranked 10th nationally in car theft. 
  2. Springfield ranked 11th nationally in crime
  • Chicago crime: gun control has been stripped away from Chicago, so has the crime actually went down now? The Wall Street Journal says 'nope.'
  • How to harden your home (part 1): Make sure to lock your doors and windows. Sounds simple, right? 50% of crimes are committed by walking through (or crawling through) an unlocked entry point. 
  • Protecting yourself: Do you know where you would take cover if you were being attacked? 
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