08.11.17 Nick Reed HR 1: Neutral China

Nick Reed Podcast

  • Update on North Korea: What's going on with North Korea and what is China is saying? 
  • Are we sending the message that America is weaker than we really are? 
  • Does anybody remember Shock-and-awe? 
  • Ben Rhodes Slams Trump: Former Obama foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes tweeted on Wednesday what he called President Donald Trump's "lie" about the U.S. nuclear arsenal crisis with North Korea.
  • Does Rhodes not realize that he is actually slamming Obama since we are not as defensive as we should be?
  • Global Times: China should be neutral if North Korea fires first on US. 
  • BUT if America launches first, China will join on North Korea's side. 
  • There is some wiggle room on what China is saying here. 
  • The message might be "we will interfere if you launce an attack to take out the regime." 
  • What is the last resort? To have a resort, there has be an action first. 
  • Obama to re-emerge: is this really a good idea for the Democrat party? 
  • Obama has chosen to remain silent about this. 
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