08.11.17 Nick Reed HR 2: The Locke and Smith Foundation on

Nick Reed Podcast

  • The Solar Eclipse: Are people going a little overboard about the solar eclipse?
  • Why are schools getting out early, why do we need snacks, is there really people selling spots on their land for the eclipse? 
  • Nick talks about future stories about eye doctors and people looking at the solar eclipse. 
  • Oversized vehicles: Several states have adjusted their freight transportation schedules. 
  • Officials at some state transportation departments have gone so far as to request that trucking companies limit deliveries altogether, or cut back on extra-wide loads.
  • Business discrimination: A Wisconsin photographer cannot be forced to compromise her religious beliefs and photograph same-sex “weddings."
  • Amy Lawson, who owns a photography business, filed a lawsuit through the (ADF) against the City of Madison and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development in March.
  • A customer complained to the photographer about a statement on her website stating that she would not photograph same-sex weddings.
  • Pit bulls: The Springfield city council is considering a pit bull ban. 
  • City council member Craig Hosmer supports stronger penalties for pit bull owners who violate city code. He wants to create a date to stop allowing pit bull registrations.
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