08.12.17 All Out Law: Same Sex Marriage & Update on North Korea

All Out Law Podcast

  • Update on North Korea: What is going on with North Korea and what Kyle thinks about it.
  • Bill Clinton basically said the same thing about North Korea in 1994, but he was not under fire like Trump.
  • Same Sex Marriage: Is Disney promoting same sex marriage in their preschool shows? 
  • Disney Junior released an episode of a cartoon aimed at preschoolers that depicted two "married" lesbian moms.
  • The creator of the show, Chris Nee, is in a same-sex 'marriage.' 
  • .Both lesbian 'moms' are voiced by women who are openly lesbian in real life and the LGBT community says they find the child show "beautiful."
  • Liberal Ron: Ron calls in to talk about global warming, police officers, and Donald Trump. 
  • Homeless in Springfield: How can we help those in Springfield?
  • Give them a foot up, not a hand out. 


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