08.13.17 The Dr. Poppy Show:Eugenics & The History of Contraception (Part 1)

The Dr. Poppy Podcast

  • Dr Poppy talks about her new book: you can buy it on Amazon, at her office in Ozark, or you can purchase it at ABC books. 
  • Birth control: What does Dr. Poppy think about birth control and what are the positive/negatives of the contraception. 
  • Dr. Poppy covers the history of birth control that many people do not know. 
  • Is America less fertile than it use to be? 
  • A dropping fertility rate can cause all types of problem in America. 
  • Economic rate is one of the biggest concerns when raising a child. Studies say that raising a child from 0-18 can cost anywhere from $250,000-$500,000.
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