08.26.17 The Gun Show: Legal Use of Self Defense

The Gun Show Podcast

  • Crime Stats: Stacy covers the crime stats across the city limits of Springfield. 
  • 15 calls of shots heard across Springfield. 
  • 81 assaults 
  • 50 burglaries
  • Legal use of Self Defense: What to do when someone breaks into your house. What can you legally do? 
  • Dee Wampler talks about property. You cannot shoot someone if they're stealing items, only if they're trying to hurt you.
  • Matt says: stay calm, call 911, and try to film the scene to make yourself an even stronger witness. 
  • Should you carry a round in the chamber: It's come to Matt's attention where people have this question a lot. 
  • Matt says yes -- It will protect you in the long run if you ever need to pull your gun for a quick fire. 
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