08.27.17 The Dr. Poppy Show: Eugenics & The History of Contraception (Part 2)

Dr. Poppy Podcast

  • The History of Contraception: Why was birth control created? Was it because many wanted population control? Control of what was considered "undesirables?"
  • Many side effects were happening that were on birth control that went over-looked, or even unnoticed. 
  • Gaylord Nelson was a Senator who put on the Nelson pill hearing.  "the Boston Tea Party of the women's health movement." 
  • Back the land movement = creating communities outside of the city. The Farm movement was then created to help with natural birth that even allowed help with raising a child. 
  • Population Control: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests. (THE KISSINGER REPORT)
  • The document talks about world trends, and how to control the population in America. You can read it here
  • Another reason to cut back on birth? The world would be polluted. 
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