09.01 PODCAST: School Shootings

The Gunshow Podcast

  • Crime Stats: Due to the holiday weekend, crime stats only run through Friday, 9 a.m. What's scary is the numbers are still high. This week - 56 calls for assaults, 45 calls for burglaries, and 15 calls for shots fired. This is just for one week, and just for the city limits of Springfield. 
  • School shootings: Dee gives us a quick history of school, and how the Bible and the flags were prominent in schools. Dee talks about the court cases that removed prayers and the Bible from school. 
  • 10 days ago, the head of the department of education decided to give millions to schools to train them on gun safety. 
  • New Mexico Compound: 5 adults were charged earlier this year for child abuse. The individuals were training the children to shoot schools. Three were released earlier this week, but are now back in custody after federal firearm charges were filed. 
  • Active shooter responsive business program (part 3): There are multiple ways to defend yourself without having a gun. Matt talks several options that you can use. 
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