09.02.17 The Gun Show: ANTIFA

The Gun Show Podcast

  • Crime Stats: Crime stats across the city of Springfield over the week. 
  • 64 assaults. 
  • 64 burglaries. 
  • 23 calls for shots heard. 
  • This is just for the city limits of SPRINGFIELD. 
  • George Soros & Antifa: Dee Wampler and the judge talk about federal law and what's going on between the government and Antifa.
  • Why is the federal government going after them? 
  • The judge talks about different groups that George Soros is funding. 
  • Are the two connected?!
  • There is a federal law about protesting with a mask on. Many members of Antifa riot/protest with a mask... WHY are they not being arrested?
  • Real life Castle Doctrine Case: Dee tells a story about Matthew Bowman in Missouri. 
  • Matthew Bowman shot his girlfriends ex-husband. The ex had an ex parte against him and he decided to trespass on her land anyways. Bowman shot in self defense.
  • More BANG for your BUCK: Matt ends the hour by talking tactical guns that are great to protect you and your family. 
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