09.15.17 Nick Reed HR 1: St. Louis Verdict

Nick Reed Podcast

  • Governor Greitens activates the National Guard in St. Louis: Today the verdict for a first-degree murder case will be coming back for former police officer, Jason Stockley.
  • Stockley says that the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith was in self-defense.
  • Prosecutors say Stockley planted the gun after killing Smith.
  • Christina Wilson, Smith’s fiancée, appeared at a news conference with Gov. Eric Greitens Thursday evening to ask protesters to avoid violence if they demonstrate.
  • Abortions in Missouri: An update of the abortion movement in the state of Missouri. Are politicians really as pro-life as they say they are?
  • It seems that more and more clinics have been popping up around the state and abortion rates seem to keep going up.
  • So does it really matter if a Republican is pro-life? Does it really make a difference once they get into office? 
  • Anthony Weiner UPDATE: The former Democratic congressman faces sentencing in a sexting case that involved a 15-year-old girl. Weiner now faces up to 10 years and will be sentenced later this month.
  • It makes you wonder why Hillary Clinton hasn't blamed him for her losing the election. She has blamed everyone else. 
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