09.23.17 The Gun Show: Vehicle safety in social unrest cities

Gun Show Podcast

  • Crime Stats: 98 assaults and 38 calls for shots heard. This is just in the city limits of Springfield. These numbers do not reflect the entire county. We have a problem! 
  • Use of deadly force in social unrest: Missouri law protects you in your vehicle under  563.01.3.
  • You may use deadly force/physical force if someone is trying to hurt you or your loved ones while in your vehicle. 
  • Equipment in your vehicle just in case you're trapped: lethal vs. nonlethal. 
  • How to survive an attack in your vehicle: FIGHT. Stay inside your vehicle as long as you can. Your vehicle can be used as a weapon. 
  • Additional equipment: bullet blockers that'll save you from getting shot at in your vehicle. Also: keep a flashlight and a knife in your car. 
  • Classes: Matt gives us an update on some of the classes he has coming up. 
  • Sat Oct. 28 - $40 CCW 
    4 hr advance riffle corse tomorrow - $50
  • All of the courses are meant to teach you and your loved ones how to protect yourself and your family wether in your home, or on the street. 
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