Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 08.08.18

Missouri Elections:
Yesterday was primary election day in Missouri. Josh Hawley will take on Senator McCaskill, voters said no to right-to-work, and more. 

Bob Cirtin:
Yesterday there was an announcement, during the election, that a special prosecutor decided not to oust Bob Cirtin from his position. This is based off of a complaint by a citizen, this is not about the whistleblower complaints. 

Pit Bull Ban:
The pit bull ban was denied by Springfield voters by almost a 2 to 1 vote. Some are concerned that now that the constituent voted against their wishes- they will require registration for ALL dogs in the city limits. 

The group who was organized behind the petition to get the ban overturned is now promising to go after the five council members who voted to ban pit bulls.

Proposition A/ Right-to-Work:
The right-to-work proposition was voted down 2 to 1 and Bernie Sanders was more than happy to hear that news. 

Unions spent close to $15 million dollars working to defeat this measure. Some argue that this is the exact thing that people were fighting against- unions using dues for political issues. 

Hair Braiding in Missouri:
It was recently illegal to braid hair in Missouri for money without having a 1,500 hours of training. Then the law was changed to where people would only have to pay a $20 fee and watch a video- but the people who need to post the video haven't done it yet. Josh Hawley is doing nothing about it at this point. 

Missouri Gas Tax:
Rep. Mike Moon filed a lawsuit against the gas tax vote and a judge will decide the fate shortly.

Other elections:
The socialist candidate from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is loved by the left. She was endorsing a handful of candidates yesterday, and all of them were defeated.

In Ohio's special election, the Republican has pulled off a win, but it's close and will probably be contested.

Social Media Outrage:
The Rock is getting slammed on social media for visiting an aquarium- because how dare he support animal captivity. 

Carrie Underwood is being attacked for saying she is sad she might be too old to have a big family and more kids.

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