Nick Reed's Must Read Headlines- 01.24.18

City of Springfield:
The Remington Research Group recently surveyed 1,065 Springfield, MO voters between January 17th and 18th. Here are the results. 

  • Do you enjoy living in the City of Springfield?
    Yes: 79%
    No: 11%
    Undecided: 10%
  • How effective do you feel the City of Springfield's City Council is?
    Effective: 14%
    Somewhat effective:
    47% Ineffective: 24%
    Unsure: 15%
  • Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the current trash removal system in the City of Springfield?
    Satisfied: 74%
    Dissatisfied: 14%
    Unsure: 12%
  • Do you think you pay too much, too little or the right amount for your trash service?
    Too much: 26%
    Too little: 2%
    Right amount: 60%
    Unsure: 12%
  • Are you supportive of banning the ownership of pit bulls?
    Yes: 39%
    No: 41%
    Undecided: 20%
  • The City of Springfield is discussing an initiative which would regulate which company you can hire to remove your trash. Do you support or oppose this initiative?
    Support: 15%
    Oppose: 61%
    Unsure: 24%
  • Do you support the City of Springfield’s recent decision to uproot homeless camps within the city?
    Support: 51%
    Oppose: 23%
    Unsure: 26%
  • The City of Springfield has said they are looking to secure funding for the city-owned landfill. Would you prefer the city look to increase their funding for the landfill or for them to reduce expenses to meet their budgeting needs?
    Increase funding: 18%
    Reduce expenses: 54%
    Unsure: 28%
  • Do you support or oppose the City of Springfield making changes to the existing trash removal system?
    Support: 19%
    Oppose: 53%
    Unsure: 28%

The City of Springfield's committee that analyzed if citizens can rent out their own property with services like Airbnb voted against new regulations- but it looks like the council doesn't care. 

Sex Offender:
The city of Grandview, Missouri accidently named a baseball field after a sex offender. 

Rand Paul:
The man who attacked Rand Paul while he was mowing his yard in November has taken a plea deal and could face up to 21 months in prison.

Gay Marriage:
West Point was host of the first active duty gay wedding. 

Gov. Greitens' Budget:
Governor Greitens rolled out his new budget proposal and the first reaction from people was the outrage over the cuts to higher education. No one is talking about the additional funding to elementary and secondary schools. 

Tax Cuts:
Multiple businesses have announced this week they will be giving back to their employees, thanks to the recent tax cuts. 

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