President Trump:
Going into the midterm elections, President Trump has a higher approval rating than President Obama had at this same time. 

His rally with Senator Ted Cruz has people lined up 24 hours ahead of the rally.

While on CNN, they talked about how President Trump may legally question the outcome of the election if Democrats win… but isn’t what the Democrats have been doing for 2 years now with Trump’s win? 

Missouri US Senate Race:
PolitiFact had to retract their ruling on Senator McCaskill saying normal people can own a private plane.

Bette Middler is out pushing for Senator McCaskill now…

The are trying to make Hawley look at a hypocrite by mentioning that he rode in a private plane owned by a lobbiest.

Senator McCaskill believes that the Kavanaugh vote will not hurt Democrats and went as far as to say “I hope Missourians noticed I stayed out if it.”

Migrant Caravan:
Mexico was not able to keep the migrant caravan from breaching their border, so now they head north- towards America and the numbers are swelling.

Trump will begin cutting aid to those countries that participated in the caravan moving further north. Mexico is safe for now, because they tried. 

Political Violence:
A New York man was arrested for leaving 10 threatening messages to two US Senators. 

A spokesperson for the Democrat party in Missouri was suspended after he called for democrats to “bring [Republicans] to the guillotine” days after 2 Republican candidates were assaulted. 

Wonder why this is happening? Their Presidential choice for the last election was calling for Democrats not to be civil till they win back D.C.

Democrats 2019 Plans:
If they regain the house, the plan is to repeal the tax cuts that have been helping make America’s economy strong again, and distribute that cash to lower class Americans.

If they gain the house they will have subpoena power- they will dig their claws deeper into the Russia investigation. This time to see if money laundering in Russia helped his business.

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