Good morning, it’s another cold day in the Ozarks. Good news is tomorrow warms up a bit, but then snow is on the way. Right now the amount we will get is unpredictable.

Global Warming:
The French government made the decision to suspend the man-made global warming fuel tax due to the outrage of the French people.

The UN Climate Summit will have a RIDICULOUS carbon footprint. This number is just them being at the summit- it doesn’t even include them traveling to the event. 

Songs that are no longer okay to sing:
A radio station is now refusing to play the Christmas song “Baby it’s cold outside” because the song is predatory.

An a capella group from Princeton is no longer allowed to sing a song from The Little Mermaid because the song is about sexual assault.

Border Wall:
President Trump was set to meet with Pelosi and Schumer today to talk about border wall funding, but that has been delayed because of President Bush’s death.

Two lawmakers are trying to change Missouri’s law when it comes to jail time for knowingly infecting someone with HIV.

Pre-filings has begun in Missouri by our lawmakers for the 2019 legislative session.

Harvey Weinstein:
Attorney Dee Wampler believes that Weinstein could possibly walk because of emails from the women who claimed he assaulted them.

Did you know Veggie Tales is racist? One group believes so because the villains have accents and are played by darker colored vegetables. 

The first Indian-American writer for SNL writer was booted from a Columbia University event after the Asian American Alliance said his jokes were offensive. 

Bill and Hillary are out on tour and it looks like they are having a struggle filling seats. They are selling for as low as $6.

Bush Family:
It’s been pretty obvious that the Bush family is no fan of President Trump, but they are not going the way of John McCain’s funeral. 

Jerome Corsi has filed a “criminal and ethics complaint” against Muller’s team for trying to force him into giving false testimony.