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Since the age of 15, Nick Reed has been behind a microphone. After years in the music genre, both on air and in management, he moved to talk radio. A long time lover of talk radio, it was a natural move that allowed him to merge his career with his favorite format.

A year after moving to talk radio in Joplin, Missouri, the format took him from his birth state of Missouri to Wisconsin. His last two years in Milwaukee on Newstalk 1130 WISN left him wanting to make it back home. With an opportunity to host mornings on Springfield’s News Talk FM, 104.1 KSGF, Nick came to Springfield.

While passionate about politics, Nick isn’t the typical “political talk show host.” He has a love for a number of things that give him an expanded view on everyday life. One of his favorite hobbies is film. He loves nothing more that to sit at home and pop in a blu-ray. By no means a film-snob, Nick does like to watch films that are often not mainstream. He equally loves a good blockbuster at the same time. Horror film-anytime.

Not to be stuck indoors, Nick has always been a bit of a water-bug. Even as an adult, there are few places he would rather be than at a water park. If it isn’t White Water, being on the lake will do just fine. More of a pontoon boat than a speedboat kind of guy, it is all about relaxing with friends and beer. Good beer.

Some people drink wine while others explore it. Nick is this way with beer. While he believes a “good beer is one you love”, for him that means a Belgium Ale or a Southern Tier. It is about quality, not quantity when he enjoys a good brew. His favorite-Crème-Brulee milk stout.