After some unusual decorations were found on a Christmas tree, two Minneapolis officers were put on leave, a precinct chief was demoted and now there is an internal investigation. The odd decorations consisted of trash found outside of the 4th precinct, including: packs of Newport cigarettes, a crumpled bag of Takis chips, a cup from a Popeyes, a can of Steel Reserve malt liquor and some yellow crime scene tape. Why the harsh punishment? Some believe the decorations were racist.

“These pieces of trash were deliberately chosen to represent how certain officers feel about the community they serve: that Black people are a stereotype to be mocked and the lives of those they serve may as well be reduced to trash in the gutter,” City Councilman Phillipe Cunningham said on Facebook.  On Friday Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey vowed the officers responsible would be fired.

Read more about the story here from the Star-Tribune.

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