Hillary Clinton:
The former FBI attorney, Lisa Page, were against allowing other possible witnesses sitting in the room while Hillary Clinton was testifying. 

‘Operation Varsity Blues’ college scandal:
Yesterday it was announced that 50 people were indicted for bribing their child’s way into college- even setting it up for them to cheat on their SAT/ACTs. The guy who was the ringleader of this scam set up a charitable organization and these parents would write a check to his charity- making all of this tax fraud.  

White Privileged:
We were once told that you were racist if you saw color in people and to look past it- but now if you do, you have “white privilege.” 

Gas Tax:
Nick predicted just yesterday that liberal papers in Missouri would write an editorial just like this! Amazingly they think the vote didn’t cont, even though they said “the people voted” when it came to Right to Work.