2020 Election: 

Several Republican senators argued that the administration should at least approve top-level security briefings for Joe Biden. The Biden transition team is also exploring ways to get information on COVID-19 vaccine plans.

Pokin Around: 

Steve Pokin with the Springfield News-Leader wrote a piece about voter fraud. The piece is dripping with mockery & insult.

Joe Biden Cancer Charity: 

Federal filings show a cancer charity started by Joe Biden gave out no money to research, and spent most of its contributions on staff salaries.

MAGA Trump Rally: 
Conservatives accused the media of turning a blind eye to violent attacks against Trump supporters at Saturday’s “MAGA Million March” in Washington, DC.
Hypocrisy of the left: 
California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom attended a multi-family birthday party for one of his political advisers last week that reportedly included over a dozen people, which goes against the types of gatherings that his administration has warned people about having.
In 2018, the Texas Tribune wrote an article about the overwhelming amount of flu cases in big cities. Why didn’t they freak out like we are now?

Domestic Violence = Gun Violence?: 

The Springfield News-Leader wrote a piece saying that gun violence and domestic abuse are linked in Springfield. Nick gives his input on the article and several comments made by Police Chief Paul Williams.

Former President Obama compared President Trump to a dictator during a “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday.
Andrew McCabe: 
Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe seemed to try to warn President Trump off from declassifying further information related to the Trump-Russia investigation, saying that there was still secretive classified intelligence that could “risk casting the president in a very negative light.”
Can these people LET IT GO?