PODCAST: 08.14 – Kevin M. Interview

Hour 3 –

Guest: Kevin M.

Nick Reed has on the guest, Kevin, this morning. Here’s what they cover:

  • Kevin has spent 19+ years working in radio. Many of his staff members are African American.
  • After the death of George Floyd, there was a conversation about diversity.
  • Kevin began posting an open narrative on his social media.
  • The company suggested creating a feature called  “Black Board,” where white listeners could ask black staff members questions.
  • As a music formatted station, he didn’t want to alienate listeners by adding politics.
  • The company started looking at Kevin’s FB page and was told to delete his political views. He was also told to remove where he worked.

Kevin LOVES his job and his company, but also doesn’t want to compromise his principles. What should he do?