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  1. 9:44 p.m.MISSING: Police searching for endangered two-month-old baby in need of medical attention
  2. 8:21 p.m.PHOTOS: Two Hurt In Bad Crash Near Hollister
  3. 7:02 p.m.Tornado warning leaves behind downed trees, power lines
  4. 5:36 p.m.MSU Bears: MSU Bears Regional NCAA Game Postponed Due To Weather
  5. 5:33 p.m.Mountain Grove Man Dies From Memorial Day Crash
  6. 4:12 p.m.Meth Lab Found In Apartment In Nixa, Kids Rescued
  7. 2:00 p.m.FirstAlert Forecast: A Tornado Watch For A Small Portion Of The Ozarks
  8. 1:30 p.m.Christian County Commissioners To Name Interim Sheriff
  9. 11:40 a.m.Nixa State Rep And Owner Of Family Pharmacy Speaks Out About Board's Ruling
  10. 11:00 a.m.Today's "Weather Geeks" Video
  11. 10:06 a.m.Photo Gallery: Hour By Hour Future Radar For Today
  12. 10:00 a.m.Today's Pollen Count For Springfield
  13. 4:56 a.m.Couple Wins $50K On Lottery Scratchers Ticket
  14. 4:53 a.m.Tickets For The Bears NCAA Regional Are Available
  15. 4:48 a.m.Man Charged For Sex Acts With Underage Girls
  16. 4:46 a.m.Branson Firefighters Vote To Unionize
  17. 5/29/2015Springfield Cardinals Lose to Frisco 2-1
  18. Yesterday
  19. 10:26 p.m.Superintendent Of Joplin School District To Resign In June
  20. 9:54 p.m.Injured Osage Beach Officer Plans To Return To Force After Rehab
  21. 9:35 p.m.Scripps National Spelling Bee co-champions crowned
  1. 6:00 a.m.Must Read Stories: 05.29.15- Rep. Morris' Probation, Swimming Warning & More
  2. Yesterday
  3. 6:00 a.m.Must Read Stories: 05.28.15- Marriage, Hillary Clinton's Twang & More
  1.  'IT WAS SEX' Hastert allegedly paid to hush up sexual misconduct
  2.  TODD STARNES S'mores no more? Feds wage new culinary war
  3.  SEARCHING FOR AMELIA Expedition to delve below water for Earhart’s plane
  4.  Unions demand exemption from LA minimum wage law they pushed
  5.  DEATH PENALTY FIGHT Neb. AG fights to block reversal of death sentences
  6.  Administration warns terror-fighting tools set to expire Sunday, as Senate battles over Patriot Act
  7.  Fatal crash reportedly connected to homicide closes I-295 near Richmond, Va.
  8.  Not guilty plea in Hudson River kayak killing case
  9.  Clinton Foundation accused of trading ex-president’s presence for donation
  10.  Five years after Kyron Horman vanished, authorities hope reward brings break in case
  11.  Silk Road founder gets life in prison for creating online drug site - VIDEO: This is the dark side of the Internet
  12.  Latino, immigrant entrepreneurs driving business startups in US, study finds
  13.  NY-bound passenger jet reports near-miss with drone - Green laser pointed at planes over NY - Air traffic controllers demand investigation of FAA
  14.  US surveillance shows Chinese artillery on artificial islands, officials say - VIDEO: Pentagon skeptical of China's island-building
  15.  More bodies recovered in Texas as officials watch three rivers for flooding - Tropical Storm Andres expected to become a hurricane - VIDEO: Flood survivors rescued by helicopter
  16.  Iranian artist could draw lengthy prison term for cartoons ridiculing parliament
  17.  Former RI Gov. Chafee set to announce 2016 campaign next week
  18.  FIFA members reelect president amid league corruption charges - VIDEO: Kilmeade — USA deserves the 2022 World Cup
  19.  ISIS affiliate in Libya takes civilian airport - ISIS claims suicide bomb at Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia - VIDEO: ISIS debate becomes a focal point for 2016 GOP candidates
  20.  Venezuela, Russian oil company ink $14B deal to double country's output
  21.  Texas lawmakers clear bill allowing open carry of handguns
  22.  DC transit authority stops taking 'issue' ads after group submits Muhammad cartoon - Texas student sues after college bans gun rights sign - VIDEO: 'Draw the Prophet' contest to be held outside Phoenix mosque
  23.  US nears deal on extending ex-Gitmo inmates' travel ban
  24.  Dem hopeful Sanders once penned essay on women’s rape fantasy - VIDEO: Mainstream media ignoring candidacy?
  25.  Putin opponent near death in suspected poisoning - VIDEO: Putin hiding Russian deaths?
  26.  US economy shrinks as GDP falls 0.7 percent in first quarter - OPINION: What Friday's GDP news means

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