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  1. 3:38 a.m.Realtor Threatened
  2. 3:19 a.m.Cox Health 27th Annual Baby Affair
  3. Yesterday
  4. 10:40 p.m.Volunteer Disaster Group Has Supplies Stolen In Springfield
  5. 9:16 p.m.Kansas City University To Open New Medical School In Joplin
  6. 7:24 p.m.Man Accused In Kansas Jewish Site Killings Pleads Not Guilty
  7. 5:45 p.m.Voters Decide If Ebenezer and Pleasant View Fire Departments Should Merge
  8. 5:07 p.m.Italy’s Supreme Court overturns Amanda Knox conviction
  9. 4:03 p.m.OTC Alerting Students Of Flasher In The Library
  10. 3:40 p.m.Lebanon Man Charged With Kidnapping, Raping Store Clerk
  11. 9:59 a.m.Timmons Temple On The Move
  12. 6:00 a.m.FirstAlert Forecast: Cool Weather For A Few Days
  13. 4:12 a.m.Tony La Russa Honored By Missouri Sports HOF
  14. 2:24 a.m.Former Restaurant Owner Charged With Statutory Rape
  15. 2:21 a.m.Guilty Verdict For A Man Accused Of Killing MSSU Coach
  16. 2:13 a.m.Inmate Tries To Kill Himself
  1.  ANCIENT CITY FOUND Turkish construction workers make historic find
  2.  'ANTI-SEMITIC' STORM Dunham under fire for 'Dog or Jewish Boyfriend?' quiz
  3.  SERVER WIPED ‘CLEAN' Hillary deleted all emails, Benghazi chairman says
  4.  'DISTURBING' DETAILS Final stages of Iran nuke deal drawing backlash
  5.  US reportedly plans to boost aid to Saudi-led fight against Yemen rebels
  6.  Italy's highest court acquits Amanda Knox of killing roommate - VIDEO: Knox murder conviction overturned
  7.  Colo. bank robbery suspects 'Googled' how to escape, authorities say
  8.  NY gang boss resurfaces as terrorist recruiter at Florida mosque, feds say
  9.  12-year-old boy, instructor killed in hang gliding accident in Nevada
  10.  Jury says Silicon Valley firm did not discriminate against female employee
  11.  Judge fines Wash. florist over refusing to provide flowers for same-sex wedding
  12.  Ex-CFO who criticized Chick-fil-A reportedly now on food stamps after outcry
  13.  17 dead as Al-Shabaab siege at Somali hotel ends - Al-Shabaab execution video takes page from ISIS
  14.  Boston police officer wounded in shootout
  15.  Archives to release Cheney shooting incident records
  16.  Germanwings co-pilot's torn sick note, hospital treatment provide clues in crash probe - Plane's system was programmed to plunge before fatal crash
  17.  NCAA TOURNAMENT RESULTS - Michigan St. sneaks into regional final
  18.  Indiana religious law slammed on social media
  19.  Kansas school tells special needs athlete he can't wear varsity letter
  20.  Minnesota college cancels remainder of baseball season over hazing
  21.  Lena Dunham called anti-Semitic for article titled 'Dog or Jewish Boyfriend?' - Gutfeld: Anti-Semitism is alive and well on campus
  22.  Arizona man stabbed wife to death in front of their 7 kids, police say
  23.  Dem resolution warns global warming could force women into prostitution
  24.  Secret Ram pickup spotted
  25.  Does Swift have a new man?
  26.  Craig: MSNBC guest 'ignorant'

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