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  1. 7:36 p.m.New Charges Filed Against Marshfield Teacher
  2. 6:30 p.m.Dade County Woman Dies At Hospital After Shooting
  3. 6:15 p.m.Lineups Set For Game 1 Of 2014 World Series At Kauffman Stadium
  4. 5:54 p.m.Trisha Yearwood Sings The National Anthem At The World Series
  5. 5:47 p.m.Aurora Woman To Face Trial For Son's Death
  6. 5:24 p.m.MO Social Services Responds To Claim Of ‘Horrendous’ Medicaid Service
  7. 5:14 p.m.Search For Missing Marshfield Woman Likely Over
  8. 4:30 p.m.FirstAlert Forecast: Calm And Clear Weather In The Ozarks
  9. 4:19 p.m.Governor Nixon Creating Group To Address Ferguson Issues
  10. 1:33 p.m.Searcy Coounty Deputy Recovering After Bakery Shooting
  11. 1:28 p.m.Joplin To Get 155 New Trees For Tornado Recovery
  12. 12:30 p.m.Today's "Weather Geeks" Video
  13. 12:22 p.m.Royals Add Nix To World Series Roster
  14. 9:29 a.m.Staples Investigates Data Breach
  15. 7:40 a.m.Fight In Wright County Sends Four People To The Hospital
  16. 6:34 a.m.Three People From Springfield Charged In Robbery
  17. 4:49 a.m.Greene County Clerk Candidates Public Forum Takes Place Tonight
  18. 4:45 a.m.Springfield Board Of Education Meeting Tonight
  19. 4:39 a.m.Performers For The World Series Have Been Announced
  20. 4:36 a.m.A New Hotel To Be Built In Springfield
  1.  JIHAD JANES? 3 American teen girls reportedly tried to join ISIS militants
  2.  SENTENCE UPHELD Christian woman accused of insulting Islam will hang
  3.  BREAKING NEWS Former Washington Post Editor Bradlee dies at 93
  4.  BOILING POINT Detroit officials fume after UN rips water shut-offs
  5.  AIRDROP ERROR? ISIS claims intercept of US weapons to Kurds
  6.  Detained American released from North Korea, State Department says
  7.  Court: Red-light camera operators can't give tickets - Is traffic camera technology being misused? - Number of deaths tied to GM ignition switch defect rises to 29
  8.  Arraignment delayed for White House fence-jumper
  9.  Marine helicopter helps rescued lost Boy Scout boaters
  10.  Taliban claim freed ex-Gitmo prisoners visited by members of terror group
  11.  Jodi Arias sentencing retrial opens in Arizona
  12.  Partial solar eclipse to darken US skies this week
  13.  Russia, Ukraine meeting over energy dispute as ruble plummets - Falling oil prices puts increasing pressure on Russia - Tips to help investors navigating this rough patch - STEPHEN MOORE: Why gas prices are falling - VIDEO: Russia's economy on the brink
  14.  Study: Soda causes cells to age as much as smoking
  15.  Schools close after possible sighting of ambush suspect Eric Frein - VIDEO: Will Frein survive in woods?
  16.  One of two Canadian soldiers hit by 'radicalized' driver dies of his injuries - VIDEO: Driver who killed soldier was 'radicalized'
  17.  #MARINEHELDINMEXICO: Mom pleads with lawmakers for 'despondent' Marine's freedom - Full Coverage: Marine jailed in Mexico
  18.  Gov't workers collecting millions — for doing nothing - GOP favor? Obama says embattled Dems ‘strong allies’ who ‘supported my agenda’ - FOX NEWS FIRST: Shorter Obama: Don’t worry, distancing Dems are lying
  19.  NHTSA warns millions of car owners to get their air bags fixed - VIDEO: Warning issued over exploding airbags
  20.  Suspected serial killer's confession prompts two-state search for more bodies - Winnipeg police find as many as 4 dead infants in storage locker - VIDEO: Serial killer in the heartland?
  21.  Alleged head of Gulf Cartel appears in Texas court
  22.  300,000 people in US have Chagas disease as country unsure how to deal with growing threat - Chagas disease: What to know about ‘kissing bugs’ - Ebola cases rising sharply in western Sierra Leone
  23.  Coca-Cola earnings, revenue fall in 3Q, unveils cost-cutting plan - McDonald's mixed in 3Q, revenue drops 30 percent
  24.  Governor signing law in response to Abu-Jamal commencement address
  25.  Roman gladiators' diet probably not what you'd expect, researchers find
  26.  Arkansas Dem Mark Pryor in college thesis: Desegregation an ‘unwilling invasion’

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