Hillary Clinton:
Last week she sent a message to Democrats to not be civil until they take back Washington D.C. Right after a GOP headquarters was vandalized and the words “we are not civil” was painted in the door. 

Che Guevara:
Why does the left idolize Che Guevara?

The offered an correction after Tweeting that President Trump said Robert E. Lee was “incredible.” 

War Memorials:
Three federal judges ruled that a cross memorial, which was in tribute to military members who were lost in WW1, violates the constitution. 

Elizabeth Warren:
Elizabeth Warren just released DNA testing that show she has Native American in her genes at least 6 to 10 generations back. It is noted that there is a lack of Native Americans who participate in DNA testing because of exploitation. 

“The Conners” is set to debut without Roseanne. Some at the network believe letting her go might have been a knee jerk reaction. 

November Election:
The Democrat Gubernatorial candidate in Georgia was talking about the Blue Wave coming in November and it consists of those who are in the country undocumented. 

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