Good Monday morning! It’s a cold day in the Ozarks. Nick Reed covers school closings, Democratic Senator Brian Schatz, and much more. Check out the must read headlines below:

School closings: 

Several schools are closed around the Ozarks this morning. Most are in the northern listening region. Check out the list below.

Brian Schatz: 

Brian Schatz, democratic state senator of Hawaii, tweeted over the weekend about the migrant caravan. Schatz tweeted on Sunday that the use of tear gas against migrants who are attempting to enter the U.S. illegally may have been a violation of international agreements governing the use of chemical weapons — before he deleted his tweet.

While the tear gas incident is being reported by major media sources, the fact that border agents are being attacked is hardly being reported. Multiple border patrol agents have been injured by migrants after being hit by projectiles.

Jan Fisk Complaint: 

Springfield City Council member, Jan Fisk, is being accused of violating the city’s code of ethics. The complaint says Fisk Limousines is involved with charter bus services for the city which is considered a conflict of interest.

Ending Homelessness in Springfield: 

The Springfield News-Leader wrote an article about ending homelessness in the Ozarks, and how the issue may have correlation with minorities.

Ozarks Alliance to End Homelessness taking steps to better serve minorities (Springfield News-Leader)