Today the Locke & Smith Foundation joined Nick Reed to talk about pre-filed legislation for the upcoming Missouri legislative session. The New York Times revealed that Planned Parenthood mistreats their pregnant employees. This will be Nick’s last day doing the morning show until January 2nd, when he broadcasts live from Roots Coffee Bar.

Border Funding:
Last night the House passed a bill funding President Trump’s border wall.  Now the approval heads to the Senate. 

President Trump could actually fund the border wall without the approval of the Congress.

Missouri Legislation:
Authorizes a tax credit for the establishment of a grocery store in a food desert

Medical Marijuana:
Dr. Matthew Roman was denied a firearm because he had a medical marijuana card.  He is now suing the FBI and the ATF.  

Planned Parenthood:
Some are claiming that Planned Parenthood abuses their pregnant employees, even going as far as firing them.