President Trump:

President Trump made a mistake Tweet after Kansas City won the big game. Instead of saying congrats to Missouri, he said Kansas.

Iowa Caucus:

The Iowa Democratic Party still has not reported official vote totals in the critical Iowa caucuses as of early this morning.

Pete Buttigieg has declared victory in Iowa, even though no official results have been announced.

The Des Moines Register decided to scrap their political poll.

Iowa Voting App:

The app that was supposed to help the Iowa Democratic Party quickly report Monday’s caucus results is linked to Hillary Clinton campaign veterans.

Rush Limbaugh:

Rush Limbaugh announced yesterday that he’s been diagnosed with “advanced lung cancer.”

Changing the Rules:

A small group of DNC members support a plan to weaken Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and head off a brokered convention.

John Kerry 2020:

John Kerry was overheard on the phone explaining what he would have to do to enter the presidential race amid “the possibility of Bernie Sanders taking down the Democratic Party — down whole.”

Joe & Hunter Biden:

Joe Biden snapped at Savannah Guthrie when she pressed questions about Hunter. “That’s not true. You’re saying things that you don’t know what you’re talking about. No one said that. Who said that?”


Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, announced on the Senate floor that she “cannot vote to convict” President Trump.

And speaking of Alaska… Adam Schiff claimed that President Trump will sell Alaska to the Russian government if not removed from office.


Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin urged his colleagues to formally censure President Donald Trump.