Bernie Sanders:

Sen. Bernie Sanders has officially taken the lead in several political polls.

Meanwhile, Sanders and James Carville are locked in a battle of words. Bernie Sanders called Carville a “political hack.” Carville fired back with “At least I’m not a communist.”

Bill Barr:

Attorney General Bill Barr told ABC News on Thursday that the president’s tweets “make it impossible for me to do my job.”


A New Hampshire man was arrested Thursday afternoon after allegedly assaulting a 15-year-old Trump supporter and two adults at a polling site.

A supporter of Bernie Sanders has attempted to burn down a GOP office in Eureka , California.

Transgender Athletes:

Three female high school athletes in Connecticut filed a federal lawsuit to prevent transgender athletes from competing in girls track and field meets.


Utah lawmakers unanimously approved a bill that would decriminalize polygamy among consenting adults,

The bill’s sponsor, Deidre Henderson (R), said laws on the books make victims of abuse or fraud within polygamist families feel scared to come forward for fear that they would arrested.