Lindsey Graham announced that Senate Republicans have enough votes to confirm a new Justice.


Many state and local governments are spending CARES Act money before it goes back to the feds. How are they spending it you may ask? In Ohio, trunk-or-treating is getting a boost, and in Minnesota they’re experimenting with a basic income program.

ABC Town Hall: 

The ABC town hall for President Trump said they filled the crowd of people who haven’t made up their mind on who they were voting for. Turns out… That’s NOT the case. Many of the “undecided” voters have long denounced President Trump.


There is a graph going around social media about abortion rates in the United States. The graph also accompanies a statement. Here’s what it says:

“For anyone who opposes Trump but hesitates to vote Democrat because of the abortion issue, here’s some food for thought: Neither party wants to see abortions increase. The difference is in strategy: The Republicans’ approach of “Make it illegal” vs. the Democrats’ approach of “Make it unnecessary.” Which is more effective? The numbers speak for themselves.”

Amish and Mennonite Community for Trump: 

The Amish and Mennonite community held a buggy parade for President Trump.

The CDC: 

 The CDC issued a correction yesterday, saying a draft of proposed changes on their website, including guidance on airborne transmission of coronavirus was posted by accident.

#MeToo Movement: 

The #MeToo Movement is back, and just in time to accuse President Trump of sexual assault.

Amy Klobuchar:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is being mocked for her confusing tweet on Twitter about the Supreme Court pick.

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