Amy Coney Barrett:

Shortly after Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the  U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, Democrats warned Republicans that they would regret their decision to hold a vote so closely to an election.


During the debate on Thursday, President Trump used the term “coyotes,” when discussing border policy.  In case you didn’t know, coyotes = Slang for human smugglers.

Instead of looking up the term, many on the left thought he meant actual coyotes… Including Georgia state Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick.

Google Trends:

After the debate, Google Trends said that Hunter Biden became a top searched item. What was the second? “How do I change my vote/Can I change my vote.”

Ballot Drop Boxes:

One man who allegedly set a ballot box on fire in Boston Sunday morning is in custody. Will this happen across the country?

President Trump Endorsement:

The New York Post and the Washington Examiner endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection in separate Monday op-eds.


The fatal police shooting of a Black man allegedly armed with a knife in the western side of Philadelphia sparked violent protests overnight, with at least 30 officers reported injured early Tuesday – including one sergeant who was reportedly struck by a pick-up truck.


Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that he saw nothing criminal in Hunter Biden’s past business ties with Ukraine or Russia.

Springfield City Council:

The Springfield City Council decided to host a “listening tour” for the citizens of Springfield. The conversations include: race relation, diversity, and “much” more.

Not one word about CORONAVIRUS & M A S K S.

The Oct. 26 session was canceled due to low response.