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Nick Reed’s Must Read Headlines – 04.12.24

Nick Reed’s Must Read Headlines – 04.12.24

Nick Reed’s Must Read Headlines – 04.12.24



A whistleblower at Springfield Public Schools said two teachers took a gender dysphoric student home with them without parental permission after the student expressed a desire to transition to another gender.

Exclusive: Springfield Public Schools insider alleges ‘kidnapping’ of trans student; SPS waffles (The Lion)

Missouri state Rep. Jamie Gragg confirmed the allegation.

Missouri state Rep. Gragg confirms Springfield Public Schools student ‘kidnapping’ allegations (The Lion)

After WEEKS of demanding local coverage of this story, a local media outlet is finally covering this… And it’s exactly what you would expect.

Ozark state rep who seeks to limit ‘social transition’ advice, demands details of two dismissed SPS teachers (Springfield Daily Citizen)


Nick reads a story from the American Spectator, Hitler’s Meeting With Grand Mufti Shows War in Middle East Is About Hatred of Jews.

Hamas terrorists suggested they may not have enough hostages still alive to make a ceasefire agreement with Israel, sparking concerns that there are more hostages dead than the public is aware of.

Hamas Suggests That There Aren’t Enough Living Hostages to Make Ceasefire Deal (Townhall)

OJ Simpson: 

The White House expressed condolences to the family of OJ Simpson without mentioning the families of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman – the two people he had been accused of (and acquitted of) murdering before being found unanimously responsible for their deaths in a civil trial.

White House Expresses Condolences to OJ’s Family, No Mention of Victims (Breitbart)

Trans News: 

A Planet Fitness in Gastonia, NC, had one member arrested after female gym goers called 911 on a man who they said was completely naked in the women’s bathroom, and who allegedly asked a woman to lotion up with him and take a shower. The man claimed to be a transgender woman.

NC Planet Fitness Under Fire After Alleged Trans Woman Gets Cuffed Over Shocking Bathroom Incident (Red State)

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