02.16 The Gun Show – Personal Defense Tactics (Part 4)

  • Crime Stats: Normally, we cover the local crime stats of Springfield, however, Sarah and Matt wanted to mention something very tragic that happened yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, there was an active shooter in Aurora, IL. The shooter killed five ex-coworkers and five police officers. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all police officers, as well as the victims families.
  • Increase Crime Over Years: Dee Wampler talks about the increase crime that he’s watched throughout the years. Dee also covers expungement laws.
  • Building an AR vs. Buying an AR: Craig joins the program this morning to compare the differences between building vs buying an AR. Which is the cheaper option right now?
  • Personal Defense Tactics (Part 4): Matt covers home burglaries, and items that you can get to help protect you in the home. Get a dog that barks, get a security system that’s loud, and get a gun and training to protect yourself and your family.