11.17 PODCAST: Legalization of marijuana… Now what?

  • Crime Stats: 46 calls for assaults, 32 calls for burglaries, and 19 calls for shots fired. These are just for the city limits of Springfield, and just for one week.
  • Legalization of marijuana… Now what?: Dee Wampler joins the program this morning to talk anti-gun consequences of this new legislation.
  • Under Federal law, Missouri residents will not be able to own a firearm if they have a certificate for medical marijuana.
  • Increased crime in UK: Britain has attempted to legislate and control guns, but now they’re facing a whole new type crime.. Knife attacks. Is it the guns, or is it the people? Read the article here.
  • Tactical Optics: Matt finishes out the show on talking about tactical optics for your firearm. Matt talks brands and getting more “bang” for your buck.https://soundcloud.com/ksfg-fm/111718-the-gun-show-legalization-of-weed-now-what