Nick Reed PODCAST: 08.12 – Mike Moon on Employers & Vaccines

Hour 2 – 

Guest: State Sen. Mike Moon 

Missouri Senator Mike Moon joins Nick Reed this hour. Here’s what they cover:

  • Six state senators have asked Gov. Mike Parson to call a special session to stop businesses from requiring employees be vaccinated.
  • Medical privacy.
  • During a press meeting, Gov. Parson was asked about statewide masking. Parson stated “At some point, the people that have had the vaccine, that have had COVID, that have been tested for anti-bodies and they’ve got it in they’re system… I think there needs to be a division between those people and the people that are unvaccinated.”
  • Nick asks Sen. Mike Moon on the possibility of running for Billy Long’s old seat.


  • Members from the “Springfield Supports Masks–Businesses Who Do and Don’t” have been going around giving 1 star reviews to businesses who aren’t wearing masks. One member gave a review to Thai Express… Instead of asking WHY, they decided to attempt to destroy their reviews on Google. Turns out, all of the staff have been vaccinated, and they were given the option to still wear a mask or not.
  • In the latest comic, Robin (as in Batman and Robin) has come out as bisexual.