Nick Reed PODCAST: 06.11 – SPS Teacher Who Was Escorted Out Of School Board Meeting Speaks Out

Hour 2 – 

Guest: Brooke Henderson

Springfield Public Schools educator and parent Brooke Henderson spoke at the SPS board meeting earlier this week:

  • Brooke decided to speak at the meeting after a biracial student in SPS attempted to take his own life. The student felt bullied by teachers and students because of the ‘white’ part of him is ‘racist’.
  • This type of thinking is due largely in part to curriculum like critical race theory (CRT).
  • During the meeting, there was “technical” issues and the live stream wasn’t working.
  • Someone has now posted a video of Brooke speaking at the meeting.
  • You can find a transcript of her speech here.
  • During her speech, her mic was cut and she was escorted out by a school resource officer. Why? Because school board officials say she went over the 5 minute allotted time.
  • After watching the video, Brooke spoke for roughly 4:40 – which is under the 5 minute mark.

You can watch the full video here. Brooke starts speaking at the 18:10 mark.